Prehistoric Adventures Requirements

“Its Roarsome…”

In this one of a kind, interactive experience, you and your family will take a trip back to prehistoric times and meet face to face with these colossal creatures that stand a towering 8″ tall and 16″ long as they are led around your event by a Dinosaur/Dragon handler making multiple stops along the way to various locations throughout the grounds, providing many opportunities to learn, interact, and have there picture taken with a prehistoric legend from the age of dinosaurs. Prehistoric Adventures provides a fascinating and thrilling experience that will captivate both adults and children alike. Making lifetime memories for the whole family.

Show Length: (3)  30 minute Dinosaur/Dragon encounters

Show Supplies: (2) strolling performers  ( Handler & Puppeteer)

  • Props
  • Sound
  • Transportation
  • Insurance
  • Handling of media, press release, promotion of fair and act on social media

eggArea Needed: Strolling Act

Buyer Provides:

  • 1 private, secure, air conditioned, dressing room with electricity. Must be A.D.A compliant Dinosaur and Dragon cannot transition stairs or enter or exit a door less than 48″ wide.
  • 1 Security/staff member to assist performers¬†process very large crowds during there appearances.
  • All necessary admission and parking passes.