These colossal creatures stand a towering 8′ tall and 16′ long and are anatomically correct,with incredibly realistic eye blinking, tail swooshing, and a mighty roaring sound.



Come meet ” TONKA” the T-Rex and “VELOCITY ” the Velociraptor as they are led around your event by a “Jack Hanna” style handler, giving your guests the opportunity to learn, interact, and have there picture taken with a life size prehistoric dinosaur ,making lifetime memories for the whole family.

Introducing the newest addition to our prehistoric family, “FIRE STRYKER” a smoke blowing, fire breathing, wing flapping, one of a kind Dragon. Led around on a leash by a “medieval viking” handler, as large crowds gather to get up close and personal to this incredible flying beast.


Prehistoric Adventures provides a fascinating and thrilling experience that will captivate both adults and children alike.